Applicant Registration

This article is for those who wish to create an account to become to apply for and manage Grant Applications.  

1. Visit the sign up page.

2. Type in your email and password, review and agree to terms and conditions, click Sign up.

3. Select to apply as an individual or company, enter details, then click Register. 


Individuals vs Companies

Overview: It is common for individuals to apply for grants on behalf of companies (also referred to as organisations). For example (an “individual”) might be the Sports Coordinator for a University. That individual's role may be to apply for and manage grants on behalf of a number of different sports teams within the University. 

To enable the Sports Coordinator (an individual) to apply for different sport teams, they can use the organisation function (also referred to as a company), to create separate profiles per team. Even though a sports team isn’t always a “company” or an “organisation”, this function is the best way to manage separate entities (such as clubs, departments, groups, and teams). If the individual didn’t use this function for each sports team, they would have to create a separate login per team with a unique email address. This isn’t practical and makes managing grants more difficult. 


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