Apply for a Grant

This article is for Applicants who would like to apply for a Grant.

Find a Grant


After you have registered an account as an Applicant. You can search for Grants available to you via your dashboard. If you are not registered, see Applicant Registration.


  1. Sign in to your account using your email and password.
  2. On your Dashboard, there is a section called Grants. 
  3. In this section you can use the search and sort functions to find grants that interest you. 
  4. From here you can click Apply for this Grant to start the Application process. To submit your first grant you will be instructed to confirm your account via email.


Tip: Here you can see if a Grant is open or closed, how many people have applied for it, and when the Grant closes. If the Grant says “Always open”, it means there is no deadline for your Application submission.


Note: If you cannot see the Grants section, you may need to click Expand Grants. You can pin Grants to top of your dashboard by hovering over the Grant and clicking the pin. This action will move the grant to the top of the list. Noting you can also Sort Grants, and Collapse Grants.




Start Application


After you find a Grant, and click Apply for this Grant, you can start filling out your Application form.

Tip: As soon as you press Apply for this Grant, your Application will automatically be saved by the system. Any changes to your Application will automatically save. If you exit the Application form, you can easily return to it via your dashboard or the Application menu. If you do not want to proceed with your Application, you can delete it. 


While you are filling out your Application, you have two options. You may:


(A) Exit the Application form and return to it later. See Edit Application to learn how to view, edit and submit the Application you have started. Since your changes will automatically save, you can pick up where you left off.


(B) Complete your Application form and submit it immediately.


Highly Recommended Tip: At any stage of the Application process, there is an option to export your Application as a PDF, or download your Application. This is a useful tool, especially if you want email or print your Application for others to review before you submit it.


Submit Application


  1. Finalise completing your Application form.
  2. Click Submit. 
  3. (Optional) After you click Submit, you have the option to double-check the information entered into your Application form by clicking Double-check my Application. Alternatively, you can click Back to Application form. 
  4. If you opted to double-check your Application - review and revise if needed, then click Submit.
  5. To finalise submission, click Submit Application.

Tip: Do your best to complete the form as best as possible. If you do not provide sufficient information, the Grant Administrators may need to request more information from you. They may also decline your Application due to lack of information.


Note: If the Submit button is greyed out, it means you have not completed mandatory information. Return to previous screens by clicking Previous.

Mandatory fields are those with an asterisks(*) next to them.



What can I do while I wait for a decision?

See Manage Applications.


What can I expect after I submit an Application?

Your Grant Application will be reviewed and you will receive a Letter of Offer or Letter of Decline. Before you receive a decision, you may receive a request for more information. See Information Requests.