Assess Application as an Admin

This article is for Administrators who would like to be an “Assessor” of a Grant. This does not include setting up the assessment process for a Grant (i.e. setting up assessments, assessment rounds or assigning others to access a grant).


Grant Applications, including Grants that you have created, can be assessed by you. This means that you play the role of an “Administrator” and “Assessor”. These roles are separate. In order to play the role of an “Assessor”,  you need to switch to the “Assessor” mode. 


  1. To switch to the Assessor mode, click on Assessor.
  2. This will take you to your Assessor dashboard.
  3. At any time, you can easily shift back to Admin mode by clicking on Admin.

Important: Please see the Assessment Knowledge Guide to learn how to perform the role of an “Assessor” and assess an application.



Tip: Assessor accounts (who are not Administrators), are the same as your Assessor mode. If you need to assist other Assessors, you can get familiar via your Assessor mode so that you can train and guide others.