Assessments Overview

This article is for Administrators who want to learn about the Assessment process.


  • After Applications have been submitted for any given Grant, you can set up as many assessments as necessary – assess applications in rounds or by a few a time.
  • Be confident knowing the right people are assessing your applications by inviting subject matter experts and assigning them to assess specific applications
  • The assessment process improves accountability by ensuring there are no conflicts of interest. 
  • You can make sure your assessments meet your needs by designing custom assessment forms.
  • There are tools to standardise assessments to evaluate all applications against the same criteria and make it easier for decisions down the line.
  • Design custom assessment forms to suit the needs and requirements of your organisation and grants using form fields such as single and multiple choice, dropdown, sliders, yes/no, short and long text, and currency.

Getting Started

Key steps in the assessment process include:

  1. Establishing who will be assessing the Applications.
  2. Creating a “Singular Assessment” or an “Assessment Round” 


Who can assess the Applications: 

Assessments can be done by “Administrators” and/or “Assessors”. Assessors can be internal or external people. 

  • If you would like the Grant to be assessed by an “Assessor” (internal or external), who has never accessed a Grant via your funding portal, you will need to invite them to create an account. See Invite a New Assessor.
  • If you would like the Grant to be assessed by someone who already has an Administrator account, there is no need to invite them to create an account as they can switch their account to Assessor mode.