Conflicts of Interest

This article is for Administrators who would like to understand how to manage conflicts of interest (COI) declarations in the assessment process.


When setting up an Assessment, you can opt for Assessors to declare whether they have a conflict of interest (COI). If they declare that they do, they will be required to provide a comment regarding the conflict.  You will be notified of a their COI. Learn more below.


  •  On the Conflict Of Interest menu, you can locate the COI and click View Comment.
  • This will show the comment the Assessor made regarding their COI.
  • Using this information you can decide to revoke the COI by clicking Revoke. This means that the Assessor will be able to assess the Application. Explain your decision then click, Confirm. The Assessor will automatically be notified to proceed with assessment.
  • If you do not revoke the COI, no further action is required by the Assessor or yourself.