Copy Grant

If there is an existing Grant in the system that is similar to the new Grant you wish to create, you may copy that Grant. 


  • Go to the Grants menu, locate the Grant you wish to copy, click the down arrow next to View, then click Duplicate.

  • Alternatively, navigate to the grant from your Dashboard or by clicking View on the Grants menu, then click Duplicate. 


  • After you press Duplicate, a new draft Grant will automatically create and you will be directed to the Edit & Publish view of the new grant. You can edit any aspect of the new Grant by pressing Back. Alternatively you can click on one of the stages to be directed there. If you are ready, you can proceed to publish your Grant. Refer to Create a Grant for further details.


Tip: It is advisable to click “1” so that you can review and revise the copied grant from beginning to end.