Create a Grant

This article is for Administrators who would like to set up a Grant.

You can either create a new grant or copy from an existing grant and modify accordingly. To copy from another Grant, see Copy Grant.

Create a New Grant


  1. Make sure you are in the Admin mode by clicking Admin.
  2. Go to the Grants menu, then click New Grant.

    Step One: Details


    1. Select type of Grant. Public Grants are visible to all Applicants registered in the system while Private Grants are only visible to a number of Applicants selected by you. This example is a Private Grant. If you opt to create a Private Grant you will be required to add Applicants.
    2. Enter Title.
    3. (Optional) Add Description.
    4. Categorise your Grant by selecting from an existing category, or click Create a New Grant Category.
    5. Click Next.

    Tip: Your Grant will automatically be saved as a draft and it will continue to autosave as you make changes. If you need to edit or create a new template, or do something else, you can return to your Grant via the Grants Menu. See Edit Draft Grant.


    Step Two: Application Form


    Here you have the three options:

    (A) Select an existing application form template. 

    (B) Select an existing application form template and Edit the template.

    (C) Create a New Form.


    Important Note: See Application Templates to learn how to create and edit templates.



    Note: The template you select must have an Application Title before proceeding to the next step. You may need to edit an existing template by adding at least one "Short Text" field to the template.


    Tip: you can click Search all form templates to search or select an existing template:



    Step Three: Funding Type


    1. Select Fixed amount or Application form field.

    Fixed amount means that all Applicants can only apply for a single set amount.

    Application form field enables Grant funding to vary between Applications. You can create a Grant form that has one or more Currency fields so that the Applicant can specify how much funding they need or desire.


    If you choose Fixed Amount:

      • Enter the fixed amount and the total funding amount for the Grant. Click Next.


    If you choose Application form field:
      • Select at least one currency field from your Application form. Note: If multiple "Currency Fields" are selected, their value will be added together to calculate the overall sum.
      • Enter the total Grant funding amount
      • Click Next.

    This example will be Application form field.


    Tip: while you select one or more currency fields from the template, you may click the x if you wish to remove a selection.


    Step Four: Time & Date


    Choose the time parameters for your Grant, click Next.

    • Always open” means that an Applicant can apply for a Grant at any time. Note: if you wish, you can close the Grant at any time.
    • A Grant with a "Closing date” only allows Applicants to apply between the selected timeframe.

    *This example will have a Closing date.


    Step Five: Publish Grant


    If you are ready, click Publish Grant. If not, you can return to your Grant later. See Edit Draft Grant. 

      After you publish a Grant, you can click Unpublish & Edit if you wish to make revisions right away. If you wish to do this later on, there are other ways to perform this action. See Unpublish & Edit to learn more.



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