Create Decision

This article is for Administrators who would like to create a Funding Decision.

Create a Decision

Go to the Funding Decisions menu, then click Create Decision. 

Step One: Decisions

Select whether to decline or approve applications. Click Next. This example will Approve Applications.

Step Two: Applications

Select the applications you wish to Approve, click Next.


Step Three: Notification Details

Select how you would like to notify the Applicants.

  • Offer Notification will send the Applicant a Letter of Offer and their Application will be approved. 
  • Offer & Decision will send the Applicant a Letter of Offer that requires them to “Accept” or “Decline”. Their Grant funding will only be approved if they accept. 


Important Note: This example Grant was set up as Application Form Field, meaning that Applicants can request variable funding amounts. On this page, the “Amount granted” will default to the amount that the applicant applied for.  

You can edit the “Amount granted” field, to determine how much you wish to grant the Applicant. You may also Add personal message.



Tip: You do not have to complete your decision right away. You have the option to start it and return to it later. Changes will automatically be saved.

Step Four: Select a Letter Template 

Here you have the three options:

  • (A) Select an existing letter template. 
  • (B) Select an existing letter template and Edit the template.
  • (C) Create a New Letter Template.

Important Note: See Decision Letter Templates to learn how to create and edit letter templates.

Step Five: Send

  • Decide whether to Request Review or Send Letter of Offer


If you Request Review, you can select an Administrator (not an Assessor) to review and approve the decision before it is sent off to the Applicants. They will be notified of your Request and will be able to make changes to the decision. After they have reviewed, they will be able to send the Letter of Offer to Applicants. Alternatively, they can also Request Review. If so, they can request that you review their edits (if any), or they may send the decision to another Administrator. 

If you click Send Letter of Offer, all Applicants will be notified of your decision and receive their letters. Tip: you can Revoke Decisions or Resend Letters. These actions can be performed individually by clicking the icons next to their name. Alternatively you can perform these action in bulk by ticking relevant Applications, then pressing the relevant button at the bottom of the page.

In this example, Offer & Decision was selected which means that Applicants have to respond to confirm acceptance of their Grant offer. The next step as the Grant Administrator is to monitor their response. 

To do so you can go to the All Assessments menu, select the Grant, then click Search. Here you can easily see the status of Applicant responses. 

Tip: Alternatively you can create a singular decision for only one Application: 

Click Create Decision. Ideally this Grant should have been assessed.

The process is the same as Creating a Decision via the Decision menu.