Create Milestone Batch

This article is for Administrators who would like to set up Milestone Batch to create Milestones for multiple Applications at once.  


A Milestone Batch is when you create a Milestone for multiple Applicants.  This method is incredibly efficient as you can send the same set of deliverables to as many Applicants as you wish, even if they’ve been awarded different Grants.


If you only need to create a Milestone for one Application. Refer to Create Singular Milestone. 


Create a Milestone Batch


  1. Go to the “Milestone Batches” menu. Click New Milestone Batch.


Step One: Create Milestone


  1. You can click Create Milestone to start from scratch, otherwise you can click Import Template to use an existing Milestone.
  2. Enter the Title, Due date and Funding amount being the amount of funds that will be paid to the Applicant after completion of all deliverables on the Milestone. Note: You can create a Milestone with no funding. Simply enter $0 as the Funding amount. 
  3. (Optional) Enter the Description.
  4. Click Create Form.
  5. Here you can make a custom form to establish deliverables that will be required by the Applicant as part of this Milestone. See Milestone Templates.
  6. Select the funding Applications you wish to create the Milestone for.
  7. Select which Administrators will have access to review your Milestone. This example will Specify an Admin.
  8. Click Create Milestones

As this example Specified an Admin to review the Milestone, the status of the Milestone will be “Pending review”.


If the Reviewer declines one of the deliverables, the status of the Milestone will change to Resubmissions requested. The applicant will be notified. No action is required by you until the applicant resubmits the Milestone for further approval.

See Manage Milestones to learn more about next steps and how to make payment.