Decisions Overview 

This article is for Administrators who want to make a decision on a Grant Application. 


  • After a Grant has been assessed, Administrators can decide whether to Decline or Approve Applications. 
  • You can easily send formal letters via email of your decision.
  • For successful Applicants, send letters with or without the ability to make a decision to accept the grant or not.
  • Save time by creating and reusing letter templates.
  • Ask other Administrators to review your decision before notifying the Applicants.



Before making a Decision


A great way to make a funding decision is by reviewing the score of all assessments in one place. To do so you can go to the "All Assessments" menu, pick the Grant that you are creating a decision for, then click Search. Here you can easily compare Applications by looking at their total score. 



While reviewing the score of all Assessments, it is helpful to revisit the Grant and review the Total round funding. 


If the Grant was set up as Application Form Field, meaning that applicants can request variable funding amounts. You can navigate to the Applications submenu to easily see requested funding amounts