How to unlock a user after too many password attempts

In Tahua a user is locked out of their account for an hour if they exceed the limit for too many incorrect password attempts. This article details how to unlock them proactively before that hour elapses.

Method 1: Unlock as an admin

1. Navigate to the Applicant page under Users > Applicants and find the user you wish to unlock. Then click on View. If you are wanting to unlock an Admin or Assessor then navigate to the user under Users > Admins or Users > Assessors respectively.

2. Within the right hand menu, if the user is locked there will be an "Unlock Account" button, click this to unlock the user and give them the ability to try and login again.


Method 2: Using forgot password function as an applicant

If the user wants to unlock their account themselves they can use the forgot password function from your Tahua home page. Once they have clicked the link to reset their password from the email inbox and reset their password they will be unlocked to allow login again.