Information Requests

This article is for Applicants who have received a request for more information.

When a Grant Administrator requests more information, you can access your Application via your Dashboard or via the Applications menu. 

Via your Dashboard 

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. On the My Tasks section, look out for an information request then click View Request. Alternatively, under “My Applications”, find your Application and press Review.


Via the Applications menu 

  1. Go to the Applications menu.
  2. Find the Application. Tip: the status will be “More information required”, and you can search for your Application by name or via the Select Grant dropdown menu (Click Search).
  3. Click View.
  4. Click Provide More Information.

Tip: If you do not want to proceed with your Application you can click Withdraw Application.


5.    After you have accessed your Application, you can start providing the requested information. Any changes to your Application will automatically save, click Submit or exit the Application and return to it later.

Tip: You should respond to the request for information as soon as possible to avoid delays or rejection.