Manage Applications

This article is for Applicants who would like to manage Grant Applications. 

The best place to manage Applications is on the Applications menu. Here you can see a list of all your Applications (Note: you can also access applications via your Dashboard). 


  1. Go to the Applications menu.
  2. Find the Application. You can either:
  • Click View.
  • Or click the downward arrow (v) then click your desired action.

Tip: You can search for your Application by name or choose the Grant using the Select Grant dropdown menu. Press Search. If you need to, you can clear your search filters by clicking the X button next to the search button.

Summary of Funding Application Statuses 





Application has been started but not yet submitted


Application has been submitted and is pending review


Application has been withdrawn

More information requested

The Grant Administrator has requested more information from you

Pending your review

The Grant Administrator has offered you the Grant and is waiting for you to accept or decline the Application


Application has been accepted


Application has been declined