Manage Applications

This article is for Administrators who would like to track and manage Grant Applications.


When an Applicant submits a Grant Application, you will receive a Notification.


Your Dashboard provides a simple and effective way to manage Grant Applications. Here you can easily see a snapshot of how Grants are performing by seeing the total number of Applications across various stages.


Summary of stages shown on your Dashboard: 


Applicant has started applying for the Grant but has not submitted it yet. If you wish, you can review the draft Application.


Applicant has submitted their Grant Application and it’s ready to be reviewed and assessed, or the assessment may be underway.


The Grant has been assessed.


Application has been accepted.


Application has been declined.


You can click on the Applications Total link to quickly review the Grant Applications.


A list will show all Applications for the selected Grant. Note: you can also navigate to this list via the Grants menu, viewing the Grant, then clicking on the Applications submenu.


You can filter this list by selecting an Application status.

Alternatively, you can hover over and Click on a specific status.

This will show a list of the Applications matching the status.

Manage Applications for Several Grants

When managing a number of Grants that each have numerous Applications at various stages, it’s helpful to see a list of all Applications in the system.


Go to the Applications menu, and click All Applications.


Tip: You can search for an Application by name or by filtering, selecting the Grant, or filtering by Status. After you enter a name to search or select filters, press Search. If you need to, you can clear your search by clicking the X button next to the search button.