Milestones Overview

This article is for Administrators who want to learn more about Milestones and Payments.




    • Milestones ensure that your grants are being used in an effective and efficient manner.
    • Create milestones to keep your applicants’ grants on point, gather up-to-date and relevant information, and stay accountable.
    • Set due dates of when specific milestones are expected.
    • Require deliverables to ensure each milestone is being met.
    • Create custom forms and reuse templates to tailor the deliverables of each milestone.
    • Cut it up the way you want. Create custom milestones for specific grant applications or create a batch of milestones and assign a group of grant applications.
    • Get assurance milestones are met by assigning subject matter experts to review any milestone

    Track payments

    • Track finances by logging grant payments alongside milestones once they have been approved.
    • Keep your applicants informed about when payments have been made.
    • Understand your current position with up to date payment information.
    • Sync payments automatically from Xero


    Getting Started


    You can create Milestones in two ways:


    • As a "Milestone Batch"  whereby you create a Milestone for multiple applicants at the same time.  This method is incredibly efficient as you can send the same set of deliverables to as many applicants as you wish, even if they’ve been awarded different Grants. See Create Milestone Batch.