Review Decision Request

This article is for Administrators who would like to review a funding decision for another Administrator.

After an Administrator prepares a Funding Decision, they can opt to have their Funding Decision reviewed by another Administrator. If you are selected as a reviewer, you will receive a Task on your Dashboard. 


  1. Click the link under the My Tasks section, or click Review under on a “Decision pending review” .
  2. You will be directed to the Decision. Tip: It is advisable to click “1” so that you can review and revise the decision from beginning to end.
  3. Review Steps 1-4 of the decision and edit accordingly. See Create Decision for more detail. 
  4. After you’ve completed your review, you can Request another Admin to further review by clicking Review Request or you can Approve and Send.


Important Note: After you click Approve and Send, the letter will be sent directly to the Applicant. It does not get sent to the Admin who assigned you to review it.