Template Locking

Understand when and why templates are locked and what ability you have to change templates when they are locked.

Form Templates in Tahua are locked once they are in use, for example:

  • When a registration template is used for an applicant it is locked
  • When an application template is used in a funding application it is locked
  • When an assessment template is used in an assessment it is locked

This is done to protect the data integrity of the records which are linked to the template. However there is some ability to change certain properties of fields even when the template is locked.

1. Navigate to the template under Settings > Templates

2. Click on the View Link of the template

3. Click on the Edit link in top right of the template

4. Focus on a field that you want to change by clicking on it and the context menu on the left will appear showing properties that can be changed and greying out properties that cannot be changed.

NOTE: If you need to make larger changes to the template you will need to restart the process of the template e.g. Grant, Assessment Round