Create a Batch Payment

If you have multiple completed milestones that are now sitting ready for payment - you can process them in a "Payment Batch". 


  1. Navigate to Payments > Payment Batches.

  2. Click Create Payment Batch.

  3. Give your payment batch a Title and Description, then click Next.

    NB. It's recommended that you put today's date in the title for ease of reference for your finance team. 

  4. Click Add Milestones, to add unpaid milestones to this batch. 

  5. A pop up will appear that shows any approved milestones that are unpaid. Select the milestones you would like to add to your payment batch, then click Add Selected.

  6. Your milestones will appear in the payment batch editor where you can enter the Amount that they are being paid. 

    Once you've filled in all payment amounts, click Next.

    NB1. It's not essential to add a payment date in this step - it will be assigned automatically to the current date. However, if you need to backdate payments this is where you would do that.
    NB2. In most cases, you would enter the full amount of the milestone, but if you are doing a partial
    payment you would enter a figure less than the total milestone amount. 

  7. On the Review page you can review the milestones you have bundled for payment in your batch. If any of the deliverable fields in the milestone submission require finance approval for payment (such as an invoice upload), they will show an Approve or Decline button next to them. 

    NB. for more on how to make a field required for finance approval, check out the Milestone Template article. 

    Either Approve these (if you have the authority to) or leave them as is, someone in your finance team will need to approve or decline these. You can send the batch to them for approval in Step 8. 

    Click Next.

  8. From this 'Submit' page you can either:
    1. Approve this batch for payment (if you have the authority), or
    2. Send it to someone else for review

      Once you and your team are happy that these Milestones are approved for payment, click Approve Payment Batch.

      NB. If you don't want to approve your batch right now, it is easy to come back later. Your payment batch will show a status of 'Draft' when you navigate back to Payments > Payment Batches.

  9. Nice one! You have created a payment batch. You can now mark these Milestones as paid

    When you mark the payment batch as paid, the applicants who's milestones were included in the batch will be notified:
    1. via email,
    2. via a notification within the Tahua app itself, and
    3. they'll see the status of their milestone has been updated to 'Paid'. 

      NB. If you're not ready to mark this batch as paid, you can come back and do this later. 
  10. Your payment batch is marked as paid! To wrap up, you can click View Payments to access more detail about your payment batch and its status. 

    From the payment batch detail screen you can export the payment batch in various formats for your finance team to process in their finance software.

Congratulations! You've processed a batch of milestones for payment. On to the next!