Milestone Templates

Create a Milestone Template so you don't have to create your Milestones from scratch every time you issue a new Contract.

Creating a Milestone Template allows you to create a standardised Milestone that can be used repeatedly. This is helpful if you have a Grant that always uses the same type of contract for successful applicants. E.g. the contract may always ask for an invoice of 100% of the grant value as Milestone 1 and a report of how the funding was spent as Milestone 2. You can set these milestones up as templates to be reused again and again. 

This page age also contains detail on Payment Workflows

How to create a Milestone Template:

  1. Navigate to Settings (1) > Templates (2) > Milestones (3) and click New Milestone Template + (4).
  2. Give your Milestone a default Title, Funding Amount and Description.
  3. Then click Create/Edit Template (5)

  4. You will be presented with the Form Builder - you may be familiar with this from creating Application Templates. Use the Form Builder to create the form that your Applicant will fill in to submit their milestones.

  5. In the form builder you can: 
    1. Give your form a Title (a)
    2. Name the Pages of the form (b)
    3. Drag Fields to the centre of the form creator to create the body of your form (c)
    4. Click Preview to see how your form will look when an Applicant interacts with it (d)

  6. Of particular note here is that you can mark fields as being part of the Payment Workflow. During the Payments Workflow these fields will be served up to your Finance Team as needing to be checked or approved for payment to proceed.

    In most cases this will be an Invoice Upload or a Bank Account field. See the Payments Workflow for more detail.

    To mark a field as required as part of the Payment Workflow, select the field you want and then check the Payment box in the left sidebar. 

  7. Add multiple Pages to your form by clicking Add Page + (indicated in blue below).
  8. Add multiple Sections within Pages by clicking Add Section + (indicated in red below). This helps break up your forms in to logical parts that improves the user experience of your applicant.

  9. Click Preview to check your how your form appears to the user
  10. Click Edit to go back into edit mode

    NB. in most cases your milestone template will not be as complex as an application form. Milestone forms usually only comprise a few fields over one page. But you are welcome to make your milestone form as complex as you like. 
  11. When you are happy with your form, click Save and Return to return to the Milestone Template builder.
  12. Click Save.

Next time you create a Contract, you will be able to drop this milestone template into the milestones section, saving you time 👍

Note: If a template you want to edit is already in use (i.e. it has been used by an applicant to submit information), some functions will be locked. If you cannot edit how you wish, you may benefit from duplicating the template via the menu at the top right.