Creating an Account

This article is for Assessors who would like to create an account to assess one or more grants.


After you receive a welcome email (below) to become a Grant Assessor, you will be able to create a password to gain access to the funding portal. The entire assessment process can be managed via this portal. If you have not received this email, check your junk folder or contact the Administrator. 



  1. Open your email invitation.
  2. Click create a password.

  3. Enter your password, review and agree to terms and conditions, click Create Account.
  4. You will automatically be signed in. Here you can see your Dashboard and your welcome message.

What’s Next?

  • If you have no applications to be assessed on your dashboard, wait for someone to assign you an Application for assessment. 
  • When you have an Application, see Assess a Grant to learn the assessment process.